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Our services

Temporary Staffing- Leads to minimize the risk & costing. Entire cycle of human resource management for the business partners. Partners may hire the projected manpower seasonally as per their business needs. Offers no additional cost of hiring, no compliances management, Can be hired for short period or periodically, Enables more focus on core business functions with ready to perform skill set on the door step from similar industries.

  • Permanent Sourcing

    The best talent builds the organization best. Sourcing the talent from each industry with in a time line as per needs. From the bottom to top executive level hiring support by the team of industry specific recruiters. Apart from the key skills assassination, Negotiation as per industry standards, convincing for the joining in deadline, analysis of notice period buy out, analysis of chances of candidate back out, reference check, verification of sourced candidate. All such process our team perform pre alignment of profile.
    “Sourcing of talent is an art, we frame the future”

  • Project Outsourcing

    Minimizes the cost even when the best talent works for you. The experienced teams will strive to produce the expected results at no risk whether may be for sales, promotions, in house sales, CRM, setting processes & implementation etc.. offers no need of expansion of infra, internal hiring of teams, process formulation where the very next day the project will be initiated with the industry expert manpower leads to minimize the searching cost, training cost, hiring cost, uncertainty of delivering the results, time to search talent, enhances the focus on core business functions, Enhances the market reach & relationship. Offers you the Easy process of withdraw the manpower in downtimes with a guarantee of delivery of projections.

  • Compliance

    Legal & Statutory both. Expert practitioners will help you from the start of establishment of unit to the compliance of manpower that offers more smoothen business & minimize the uncertain hurdles of operating business with stability. Facilitates you with the short term implementation in case of up or down of the business.

  • Process Deployment

    For the business partners those want to expand the human resources internally, want to create a policy for working manpower or looking to set the standards for hiring process of projected manpower, costing analysis, need analysis, Fixation of salary & perks as per industry standards, Business analysis in accordance to the number of hiring etc. Our business analyst & team of expert market analyst continuously striving to implement the best practices & grabbing the changing market trends. Pre & post Analysis of business after process implementation.

  • Value Added Services

    Offers Market intelligence, Exchange of market trends, Hiring from specific industry or organization in time, OBTs, Demographic or cultural traits, Short term daily wages manpower, up fronts of the salaries to associates (Outsourced manpower, applicable on specific numbers or more than that).Terms applied.

  • Leadership Skills

    We do not train the new comers, we put them in the practices & scale up the skills required to be a leader as the experience creates the perfection, Through the program have helped more than 1500 individuals so far by deploying & developing the skills for batter survival. “A bonding with our every sourcing to partner & a trust of better tomorrow” helps us to fulfill the commitment to deliver on time.